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Build and protect your village from raiders and battle against other players worldwide!

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Clash of Clans (10.322.24) APK

Last updated: August 13, 2018

All .APK files provided are original and are unaltered and unmodified in any way.


  1. The game seems to install OK but when I go to open it it just shuts down after loading

    • This is a known issue and it is happening on other Android devices as well. I’ll post a solution when I figure it out but if anyone else is able to get it to work let us know how!

      • Nothing is working so far. I will keep you all updated once there is a working solution.

  2. Sorry everybody, I haven’t found a fix yet for the crashing. There are other non-Kindle, Android devices that are affected with this update as well. I’ve tried a few workarounds (like Parallel Space) that worked for some Android devices but none of it seems to fix the problem for the Kindle Fire. I am hopeful that the developers will release an update soon to address this problem. If anybody finds a solution, please post it here. I’ll keep you all updated.

  3. TODAY’S UPDATE FIXED THE CRASHING ISSUE! No need to install Google Play Services and Store anymore. Just download and install the new update and you should be back in your village!

  4. Keeps giving me a 503 server error when I hit the hyperlink. Will this be fixed soon or can we expect it to be a while. Thanks for all you do to keep is clashing

  5. I downloaded the latest version and after it was done installing I clicked open and it only shows a black screen. After a couple minutes it says clash of clans is not responding do u want to close. I have tried to redownload it a couple times, but still get the same thing

    • This is a known issue and we currently do not have a fix. The update seems to be affecting other devices as well like some Samsung and LG phones. I expect the devs will release another update soon.

      • Sorry to be a pain. But the newest update still didn’t fix the black screen problem. Thank you for your patience.

  6. They just put an optional update out and it fixed all the problems for my android device, so it should work for this too. Thank you

  7. No luck here either. My newer Kindle running OS 5.6 works great. Old Kindle running 10.5.1 is not working.

  8. It still isn’t working. So do u know if another update is coming to fix this

  9. If anyone was able to successfully transfer their account to another device, please reply to this comment.

    • Just got it done now. Whole process took about 24 hours, as you converse thru IM and its not instant response. You have to contact them thru help in-game. I did it from my 2nd acct on another tablet. They ask you 9 questions, 3 I genuinely didn’t know. Month and year I started the account, what I changed my screen name from, and what was the last upgrade I did. It’s been 10 days, I don’t remember. They let me slide with last troop upgraded. Overall, pretty painless, and I got a supercell ID so I can sign in on any tablet now.

  10. Kudos to Super Cell…explained my situation on IM and had to answer 7 security questions and was awarded my village assigned to a SC ID linked to a new email that I had to create. Took 48 hrs.

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